Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#Thirty-rrific: The Summer Night Sideyard Soiree

It all started years ago with a vision of a relaxed summer night, cool breeze, long tables, candle light, lanterns, and friends sitting on grass happily catching up over dinner. No programs, no dress code, just come as you are, as long as you don't go nude.

And that's exactly what happened last saturday night, for Aprille's intimate thanksgiving birthday soiree. 

The party was held in the host's garden, a.k.a. "side yard" hence the Side-yard Soiree. The birthday girl styled the event.

Lanterns and lights were lit up thirty minutes before the guests arrived, and the ever creative birthday celebrant hand-painted the signage on the spot.

In addition to the usual dessert buffet/sweets station, a "Kikay Bar" was also set up for the guests entertainment.

Sweets Station by The Creative Backbone

Aprille's "Kikay Bar" consists of ribbons, flowers, lace, accessories, glow sticks, and metallic gold and silver tattoo was put up for the guests to create their own party accessory. 

The Sweets Station and Kikay Bar turned out to be a huge hit at the party, enjoyed by all guests ranging from a three-month-old baby to our Special Citizens (Senior Citizens). 

Instead of a professional photobooth, a Do-It-Yourself photo opportunity "booth" was made available for guests wanting a memorabilia of the event. 

True to its vision of a relaxed party, everyone came to do their own thing of mingling, catching up, and just enjoying each other's company while reggae music played the entire night.


Happy, Happy, Thirtyrrific Birthday Apy!

May God continue to bless your beautiful, generous heart and more of your fabulous dreams continue to come true!

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